Saturday, 16 February 2013

Going back to last years challenge, I offer you the letter D

Dittany of Crete



Doll Magic

Here I am choosing to borrow a spell from Ms. Lupa known as the
Doll Hair Spell.
First go to your local charity shop, pick up a child’s doll, the more worn and loved the better, while you are there pick up an old coin purse. Take both home.
During the waxing of the moon write your intention to manifest money, in your own words, on your doll. Perhaps draw dollar signs on your doll or other symbols of wealth. Next take a pair of sharp scissors, cut off all of the dolls hair and put it in a coin purse. Place both the doll and the purse on your altar. You may wish to burn Shi Shi or some other incense (to increase your wealth) and a green candle to aid this spell. Read the doll, out loud, daily till the moon is at it’s fullest. By that time your doll hairs will have helped you gain dollars.

Dragons Blood

As you know I am blessed to have a dragons blood tree in my yard. It is about 150 years old and I love this tree. In many ways I feel like more of a companion to it and guardian of it than it’s “owner”. The tree itself  produces a resin that has been used for centuries for dying fabrics and as an incense.

Death (tarot)

I love this tarot card. It is a card of transformation and development. The cutting away of attachment and the liberation of the self that it symbolizes are core values of my path.

Should you be looking for the Letters A, B, or C...


GB said...

The gods of harvest and grapes: I understand beauty when I see it.

Cat said...

Well, they kind of work hand in hand.