Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Happy Solstice, A...

A couple of weeks ago someone suggested that people were struggling to writer on topics in alphabetical order, to that end I put a list together. Now I'm going to try and fill this in, a couple of written pieces and as always some pictures. There may be times when I plan a media fast (the next two weeks), or some such, but I plan, always, to catch up! I ho[e you enjoy this slice of my life...

In Hebrew this means “unity”. Unity in magick is an interesting concept for while we strive to define ourselves as individuals within the universe we also strive to unify ourselves with that same universe.
A few years ago I was in a yoga class and my instructor was taking us on a meditation during which when asked, “where are you?” and answered “here”, then she asked, “what time is it?” and answered “now”. While I had heard this many times before, even sold many copies of the book, this time it struck a chord within me. I began using this as part of my daily practice. At first I would start my sitting practice with it feeling myself draw inward and center, however as time went on I began to find myself pressed very hard against the outside world, then, beyond that experience it began to feel as though instead of being focused on here sitting on my bolster I was here rising above the universe looking down on where I began. I decided to divide these two senses of “here”, so I started questioning myself both at the beginning and the end of my practice, after I have completed my energetic cleansing. After I have sent out cleansing light across the universe I ask I ask myself “where are you?” and I reply as my consciousness follows the light “here”, “now” is always “now” in the time between the beats of a butterflies wing. This feels more balanced and correct for me in my practice.





Ancient Greek has three specific words that mean “love” these words are, éros, philía, and agape.
Eros being the passionate form of love and  philia, being the fraternal form of love as affection. Finally there is agape, which is unconditional love. Agape is the idealized love often prompted by a variety of creeds that we mortals are held in by the Divine. So, in the process of getting married this was the concept that my love and I chose to kindle in our partnership. Thus when the time came to acquire our rings the inscription was obvious, Agape.
Once the rings arrived (they had to be specially ordered as my ring finger is size 7 ¼) we requested them inscribed. However, there was one little hitch, it required a Greek font. After a couple of weeks of searching the engraver finally discovered a font for his machine and we got our beloved rings!

(note this is not one of our rings)

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