Monday, 18 February 2013

Another week in paradise...

So this week I made sauerkraut on my own for the first time, we had made it in class, however, it hadn't gone well and ended up too salty for me to eat. This time I decided to adjust it to my taste.

I made a small batch (only 2 heads) as I didn't wish to waste food in case it didn't work out or I discovered I just don't like sauerkraut. 

Right about now, on day 8 it is looking and smelling like sauerkraut. I'm getting excited.
I also decided to revived the Pagan Blog Project I started last year as it felt unfinished and I figured why not!
I also kept watering my seedlings as you can see...

And Puppy built me a great trellis for them

I also made some Pickles using pickling cucumbers with a cornichon recipe.

I left out the bay and added tarragon.

Again these guys seemed kind of salty after I leeched out the fluids and rinsed them, but we will see how they turn out in a few weeks.
Speaking of waiting a few weeks, here are my spicy preserved limes from January.

They are all ready to put in my tacos!


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Cat , girl ! .. I can't get over how much you are getting accomplished !
I love that you are trying out small batches to make sure you really want what you make (I feel terrible when I waste food .. it happens here often enough that I am red faced about it!)
I love the tee pee trellis ! Your seedlings look like teenagers to me!LOL .. they are going to be great!
Joy : )
Cold but sunny here .. BIG sigh !

Cat said...

Hey there Joy, the thing I have also learned from making bigger batches is that with only 2 of us we don't eat this stuff fast enough. I know the seedlings are popping, but we have a cold snap with rain coming in, it might be going down to the thirties, so I'm hanging on to them for a few more days.