Sunday, 10 February 2013

Getting there.

This has been a busy week for me, between work and The Master Food Preservers. Monday was our newsletter meeting so I took on a handful of writing projects for our next edition
I am currently working on my third article, this one is on safety tips for pressure canning. The first two pieces of writing were a synopsis of an interview with our local co-ordinater Sharon Stolen and my adaption of Xerxes Blood Orange Marmalade recipe. I will write up another recipe for the Jalapeno Pickled Limes I just made and that will cover us for citrus. I am also pursuing further training with the Master Food Preservers at this time and hoping to be part of the 4 H interface.
Sadly I have no real pics to show this week as all of my work is waiting for the newsletter to come out, and last weeks seeds can wait till next week as they will be more impressive (I hope).
In other news my copy of Pagan Celtic Britain arrived yesterday and I will dive in once I finish Rodney's Grimoire.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

I can't believe how busy you are girl! That is fantastic!
I am really falling backwards and if the brakes aren't put on soon, I am truly going to panic .. BIG sigh!
Good news though ? number one son has been approved for immigration to your country to finally be able to live with his wife .. just a few more bits and pieces to tie up in paperwork .. and hopefully they are not tied up too long. Then the journey to South Carolina and we finally have an empty nest here .. hard to believe !!
I want to concentrate on feeling better and having some fun : )
But I so enjoy seeing how well you are doing Cat .. that is wonderful!
PS .. yes, hail HURTS ! hahahaha

Cat said...

The spring always get's me feeling full strength, but then I get so busy I loose focus most of the time. Hopefully not this year!

Best wishes, L***