Sunday, 3 March 2013

A busy week, just not in the kitchen.

This week I finished off my dehydrating of oranges, but that was about it for my kitchen exploits!

The newsletter got finished, I hashed together a "lick and a promise" of an article on pressure canning. Writing it felt really odd as I tried to rehash and synthesize my research. I wasn't comfortable with my writing style, it felt wrong and I felt pressured, so I cut a short bullet point reference and will come up with a larger piece in the coming weeks so that it can be posted to the website.

I also continued the challenge with the letter E.

In other news I picked up my ticket to Scotland. Based on what work told me I figured I could go in a couple of weeks. Within a couple of hours I got an email asking me to work to the end of March. Oh well, I would have liked to be available, but they said they wouldn't need me.

Finally, it is my Birthday Month (TM). My dear friend Brooke developed the concept of the Birthday Month, and I have to say I am loving it. It began on Friday with a nice tea after work at the home of a dear friend, followed by a fabulous breakfast on Saturday with a dear friend, lunch with an old roommate and the best man from our wedding, and dinner at my local bar The Globe. Today was another special day as a friends mother cooked me a fabulous lunch and we all hung out as a family.
I got a bunch of gifties, including those from gifts from Aveda and Crystal Cave,
The girl in Aveda actually gave me a birthday hug which was super sweet!

So there you have my week, I hope this finds you hale and hearty.
Best wishes, as the odyssey continues.


Yoga Gal said...

A birthday month? Most of us just get a birthday day! Well happy birthday! Love the cake on your post! What part of Scotland will you be visiting?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Cat girl !
Happy Birthday MONTH !!!
I think this is a great idea and I might just hint at it come Autumn when my birthday happens .. number one son has his birthday this month too .. over 30 hours of labor to get that sucker out, I know I won't forget! haha
You grew up in Scotland ? what part?
How on earth did you end up in the States ?
Son fnally has his green light to immigrate there too .. to be with his wife who has patiently waited almost 3 years .. now how devoted can a couple be? haha
In any case .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!!
Joy : )

Cat said...

Yoga Gal, I will be in Glasgow and Stirling in a couple of weeks to spend time with the family.

Joy my dear, congrats to your son and his wife!
If you are going to do the Birthday month beware, you may need to go into training before hand, it is exhausting!