Sunday, 10 March 2013

The first full week of my Birthday Month

Lots has been happening.
This week I made a blood tonic using garlic, honey, ginger and apple cider vinegar on my birthday...

Then the next day I planted squash and cucs, we will see if it's too early...

I also picked up some San Marzano tomatoes, which are reputedly the best for canning....

Wednesday is my regular yoga night so I went to yoga after reading this great article...

Thursday I panicked when I realized that I was leaving for Scotland in less than a week and I only had 4 pairs of jeans in all the world, so I ran out and remedied that situation.

Friday I prepped for the last day of the current job that I have been working (which will be tomorrow).
Then I came home to ginger tea, goat cheese and meditation.

Saturday we went to a great lecture by Joseph Simcox. Ended up giving him a ride on to his next speaking engagement.

After that I headed over to my friend Blu's for her 40th Birthday Bash!
A swell time was had by all.

Today was relaxed, I made Kumquat Marmalade...

Let me tell you those 3 little jars took forever to slice up and deseed by hand...

Then I made White Peach with Cinnamon & Frangelico Jam

I packed the jars with fruit so that I could save some fluid for glazes for later.

If you look carefully you can even see the cinnamon stick in there.
Well that's about it for me. 
I will be in Scotland for the next couple of weeks so I may or may not be posting much.
See you in a few.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Cat girl ... I hope I have caught you before you leave on that wonderful journey back home : )
Did I ever mention my friend who lives in Falkirk ? .. we met on line (because of the fibromyalgia) years ago and keep in touch still.
My father's family emigrated from Scotland in the late 1700's to Canada before it was even a country .. and yes, they settled in Nova Scotia aka New Scotland .. haha!
I hope now that you have more jeans and you have made so many preserves it is amazing! that you will have a fantastic time (where in Scotland? I must have missed that!)and still in your birthday month so that is even more special!!
Have a wonderful and safe journey and the best of times on your trip girl!
Joy : )
Still stuck in the snow so Scotland and Ontario share the same weather!! haha

Cat said...

Fibro has a way of bringing folks together.
I've always wanted to visit Nova Scotia.
Wrap up warm, I know I will be.

GB said...

I hope that you have some good weather and enjoy your visit to Scotland. I shan't be returning there until the end of April.

Cat said...

GB I would prefer not to, but there has been a lot of family calling to "see when I'm popping home" which in my family often means that there is some dire family thing happening, hopefully not this time, but there have been a lot of calls.

Naturegirl said...

Cat i don't know anyone who cans as much as you! Sure wish you lived closer so I could take lessons! Nothing like fresh I say but I don't know about that tonic with the garlic!!!!
Raw and bakeed I love but in a jar as a tonic.....hummm..

Cat said...

Naturegirl it's great for the blood.