Sunday, 13 January 2013

Busy, and mostly in a good way!

Well let's see, where shall we begin?
Monday was calm and quiet and good, I needed that!
Tuesday was a bit more busy, I made cheese with Chef Debbi Dubbs.
It was a Master Food Preservers workshop and it went wonderfully well, even if we were a little late.

We made Mozzarella and Ricotta.
I'm planning an making Lemon Ricotta Bites, Does anyone have any other suggestions for Ricotta that I can give away? 
Remember, I'm avoiding cow juice at this time.

Then, on Wednesday we visited our Organic Gardeners Club, and helped with their prep for the Green Scene.

Thursday I broke one of my knitting needle
Friday I made Blood Orange Marmalade.

My friend Brooke came over to help me with the slicing, the oranges were small so we doubled the amount. 

It took forever to set.
But now I have nine jars of the stuff.

Saturday I spent some of my time knitting again, and broke another needle, so I ordered a couple of new sets in metal.
As you can see the heal flap is now complete.

In other news, it has been quite chilly, so bad that we wrapped up our mango tree to avoid frost.

And in his evening attire this is what he looks like.

My Volvo continues to amaze me.

That would be 4x8 garden lattice. 

In closing this week has seen it;s joys and it's sorrows.
Treasure those close to you every day, for we never know what can happen tomorrow.

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