Sunday, 6 January 2013

It has been a week.

I hope you all had a swell New Years, we celebrated with our traditional trip to a friends house, but back home for the bells of midnight. The next morning we arose to drive up to LA and see our friend and her family, we attended the Miss Kimono LA contest in which she not only participated, but won!
Here are a few shots of Miss Kimono LA 2013...

Here she is with Mr. Kimono LA 2013

And Here with her mom

It was a splendid and historic day as this was the first time that the winner had dressed herself. 

My creative projects are underway!
I was planning on making a card a day, however once you get your card making supplies out you may as well make a batch. Thus it was I took the first step in creating this months cards. I trimmed the base card and attached them to the main cards.

Here you see them before I begin the stamping projects.
I managed to make about 35 bases (including base duplicates) and hopefully by next week many of them will be complete.

I also worked on my knitting, but unfortunately I dropped a stitch (serves me right for knitting in poor light) and had to frog days of work :-(
None the less, here's the story so far...

On top of all of this I decided that this may not be the best year for me to go to Pcon.
I have a trip to Scotland to visit family, a trip to Hawaii for our gardening club happening later in the year, and I want to finish my counter top this year too. That and the fact I really didn't work much last year leads me to believe that trimming my sails a bit and focussing on the positive and joyful in my life is where I need to be at.

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