Sunday, 20 January 2013

And another fabulous week of creativity in the kitchen rolls by!

So, I kicked this week off with a Mango & Cinnamon with Frangelico jam with a recipe from 

Luckily for me my local market has mangoes 3 for $1 so I got enough to make jam and some left over.

Then, the next day I dehydrated some oranges, and a couple of days after that, I dehydrated some of the blood orange crop. I also got to volunteer for the Master Food Preservers "Jams & Jellies" presentation by Ernest Miller.

Then this weekend we had the scion exchange where I picked up new grapes and figs.
We got some avocado, sapote, cherimoya, and apricot bud wood.
Sorry no pictures yet, but soon.
Then I put together some preserved limes using the Ball recipe.

Other than getting sprayed with jalapeno juice in the eye all went well!

Then finally today I put together some marmalade with the remaining blood oranges, but this time I added some bourbon.

I was just a cheap cooking bourbon from Trader Joe's but it tasted great in this.

So that was my whacky week, how was yours?


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Cat girl you are simply AMAZING !!!
This is such a wonderful , creative, productive week it makes me grin hugely for you girl : )
You must be feeling good to accomplish so much and that is wonderful .. I am sorry about the pepper spray in the eye that had to be pretty darn painful .. eeekk!
All of your goodies look marvelous!!
I am in not such a great place physically .. the most excitement I can handle is that heated bird bath and let me tell you this thing works in -24 .. it steams! like a little hot tub for the birds? LOL
I just wish they would clue in and get the idea it is OK to use it!
I am so happy for you that you are so "in to" all this wonderful activity .. I love seeing all these pictures and I wish I lived near enough to have a taste of all those delicacies : ) they must taste heavenly!
Take care girl .. don't over do it, but keep up the good work .. it is such a treat to see!
Joy : )

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Cat ! I e-mailed straight away this is what I said :
"Hello there Liesl girl ! it is -24 wind a windchill of -34 here this morning .. aren't you glad you are NOT living here ? LOL
You are so sweet to offer that : ) thank you !! but ... the border officials would have a field day with that and have us both up on charges for smuggling goodies across the border ... never mind the expensive of it all just trying to mail it ! LOL
I am just glad to see you are so enthusiastic and so darn productive with such wonderful things you are creating .. well done you !!
Take care and thank you so much for the offer .. that was so kind of you girl : )
I hit return on your e-mail and just sent the message that way .. address wrong maybe ??

Cat said...

What ever you think bet!

Sorry to hear it is so cold there, hope the birds have worked out the feeder.