Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Well, I guess the year is underway!

Yes, I know it's the third of the month, but it takes me a bit.
Today was the day that I ordained to set up my home altars, yes, that's right there are multiple altars in my home. I have two working altars and four more stationary altars. Why do I need two working altars you ask, well the first is my outdoor altar.

Here I burn incense and light candles at as my partner is sensitive to such things 

The second is my daily altar where I journal, write poetry, read cards, dress candles, mix incense and generally goof off in good company.

Then there is my seasonal altar, which is currently decked out for winter at the beach.

My reflections altar where I keep my cards and other devices.

There's an altar of sacred things.

And finally an elemental altar, just in case I forget which way is east.

Last year I committed to cleaning my altars every full moon, which I did. However It's really not enough, the dis at my house is horrendous so I'm committing to a bi-weekly cleaning of my altars except for my daily altar which I am going to work on cleaning daily. We will see.

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