Monday, 2 January 2012

Mike's Garden Tour

Today after our usual morning routine we headed over toPam and Tony's to say "Hi". Although Rob had visited several times last year, I had only been over once since the flood. Things looked great, different, but great. There was lots of new citrus that had been planted to replace the lost grove, however some things just can't be found again so you have to move on. The figs and dragon fruit are doing well and things seem to be on the mend. After a tour to see what was new or salvaged we headed over to their friend Mikes garden to see what he had, from the front it looked kinda normal save for the feijoas and the kumquat, however once we went in the back it was a while different story. There were mini mandarins, figs, mangoes, dragon fruit, and blueberries to die for.
Not to mention bananas


and pineapples! 

As a special treat Mike served us frozen cherimoya wedges that were amazing. I am looking forward to our fruit harvest this year. Among other, things Mike mentioned that you can dry loquats, which is great news as they tend to be ripen all at once and only for a brief period. 

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