Wednesday, 4 January 2012

And today the crickets chirped, again.

Well, I have been available to work the last couple of days but, alas no morning call to order has come. That being said I have not waisted my time. Yesterday, after my morning practice of journaling and yoga, I did some paperwork for one of my jobs, called school about my grades, ordered some certificates, did some shopping, and planted some seeds.  What seeds did you plant you may ask and I will tell to you happily that I planted Lincoln Peas, Snap Peas, Purple Podded Pole Beans, Leeks, and Jelly Melons. Recently we picked up a pair of pony packs of salad and spinach that are now in the ground.

Today was another busy day I registered for a class at my local junior college incase I cannot get into my Theories of History class this semester. It is showing that it is full and much as I like the professor, it was only a maybe that she could get me in so I will cover my bases. After that I sent out some business e-mails and made some calls to my community. Finally, a friend came by in the mid afternoon to have a tarot reading done. We ended up doing several readings about different stuff before she headed out. I gifted her a pair of Sexy Witch pants, and sent her on her way.

Hopefully tomorrow will be more fruitful. I am changing my morning schedule to include a quick trip to the computer to check for work before beginning my practice. Wish me good luck! 

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