Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year

Yes indeed it is!
This morning I journaled, practiced yoga and meditation before ploughing into my vitamins and supplements with my breakfast, It felt really good to have time for me again, with the holidaze we have had our schedules all over the place, so it was nice just to luxuriate in our morning rituals. 

After that, I called around to wish friends and family a Happy New Year and collect the news on all, This year we may be having at least one family visit from my end and of course family visits from Robs end too not to mention a couple of road-trips up north to visit friends in the northlands. After this we headed out across town to visit the Fullerton Arboretum for a wander. 

See, they weren't joking...

Really, they weren't...

It was really hot and I began to feel a little dehydrated so we headed home and I too a two hour nap before resurfacing to eat dinner and blog, so that has been the first day of the year for me, how about you?

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