Saturday, 31 December 2011


Nearly two years ago my camera began to die. My blogging, being heavily camera dependent faded into a sad chore until it finally transitioned completely to facebook. But facebook really doesn't serve my needs and often undermines my goal of focusing my life on the important stuff. This holiday my beloved Puppy bought me a wonderful gift, a new digital camera, it is a Canon sx150is and I am loving it.

Not only does it have automatic settings (including a fisheye effect) but you can also turn it to fully manual. This all means that I may end up needing to look into taking a camera class over the summer unless I can find an online tutorial. So, now for the practice part, I am hoping to post regularly on this blog again, but, this being a practice, it may not be perfect. and along the wayI may end up making some more great friends, like Joy, Jacki, Carly, Egmont, and Tracey.


chris said...

mmm, new canon, me too :)

Cat said...

I suppose yours is bigger than mine!