Wednesday, 30 January 2013

What a day

Today, driving home from work through the canyon, my brake pads decided to give up the ghost! 
I found a brake shop t the bottom of the canyon, but they reckoned it would take a couple of hours before they could look at it, so I decided to let it limp to my regular guy a few miles away. It was frightening, but we limped in only to find that he has closed his shop down and gone to work for someone else. so I drove carefully home with the sound of metal on metal all the way. I looked up repair shops and found a guy with an honest voice who was willing to wait for me to drive over so I did. He will put new pads on and check the rotors etc tomorrow. Now I have to rent a car, something I have never done before and drive a car that is not my own (again a new experience) on a windy mountainous road! If you don't hear from me again, it's been a blast!


GB said...

I hope that everything went without a hitch. Keep safe!

Cat said...

Miraculously I survived, but I never want to drive a Dodge Dart again!
Glad the Volvo is back on the road, but that was a bit pricey.