Friday, 20 August 2010

Fridays Photos...

This time we have seen some changes to the yard. It having been a couple of weeks since last we visited the crop circle much has come and gone. I pulled out most of the sprouts while Pup trimmed back the sage, we yanked out our onions and garlic and picked some limes too.

Then we brought in a yard of poop to the yard some of which made it to the crop circle. There are assorted other piles throughout the yard.

Here's the other view.

One of our own dragon fruit is about to bloom. I will post pictures some time this weekend. We are so happy!

And, as I wrote this it bloomed, here’s Pup pollinating it.

We picked some dates they are tough, but sweet and fun to say we grew our own.

The cape gooseberries are coming along nicely.

Our pomegranate may fruit this year, but we are not so sure on this one. Speaking of, our apple is having a second flush this year, don’t know if they will make it either, but if they are anything like the first flush they will be yummy.

I’m going to try and see if typing this up in Word and pasting it into the blog to see if that will help with the font issues that I’ve been having. (looks like it's worked)


Jacki said...

I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed my small garden this year. I am going to expand it next year. It is so nice being able to go outside and get lettuces, tomatoes, cucumbers, and herbs for dinner. My brocolli and fennel should be ready soon. It's exciting.

But one day I will be as good as you!

Cat said...

I'm so glad your gardening now, it's the best part of being a home owner.