Wednesday, 6 August 2008

I'm leaving on a jet plane!

Just booked my ticket for a weekend in the Bay Area tonight, tomorrow I will book my fight to New York I'm going to make that a 5 day trip.
Friday we leave for a week in Utah and I'm finally getting some down time this year.
I'm feeling kinda toasty from this years stress already, but I've just gotta keep moving forward.


Ragani said...

When are you coming to the Bay Area? And for how long?

Jacki said...

Well if you find yourself in Washington DC let me know!

And have a safe flight!!

Janet said...

Wow....that's some trip. Enjoy and have lots of fun!

Luna said...

Have fun!

Gillian said...

Enjoy the Bay area, I'd love to visit one day. Have fun & safe travels.
I too like to take tea at four, with little sandwiches and hot sweet tea. Nothing like it in the world.

Cat said...

Ragani-I'll email you today!
Jacki- Would love to some time.
Janet and Luna- Thanks.
Gillian- BA is great! I used to live there and miss it to pieces.It will be nice to go back again.

Cyn said...

Let me know if you have time during your visit to meet me for tea or a bite to eat!