Monday, 4 August 2008

4 Things You Should Know About Me Before You Invite Me To Your House

I've been tagged By Tracy at Green Eyed Monster (Mama)
Here goes...
1) I am a vegetarian, feel free to eat as you will, but please don't ask me to pick the meat out of something.
2) I get up early, but am happy to sit quietly and read or knit till the rest of the world wakes up. (I just got back from my first visit to our library, with everything that I've been up to it took me this long to get there. All I can say is " It's super!") I also like my naps in the afternoon.
3) I do like my internet access, but if that's not an option I'm open to a "vacation".
4)I love to take tea in the afternoon, 4pm is perfect, but later will do.
As you know I don't tag but feel free to tag along!


Janet said...

I could have written this about myself except for the tea part! I love tea but can't have it anymore.

Jacki said...

I'm not vegetarian, but am starting to eat more meat-less meals! And tea is the best...I brought some loose-leaf tea from Denmark and have to have a cup every evening.

Traceytreasure said...

You're awesome!! You can come over anytime!! Thanks for playing along!

Annie said...

Hi Cat. I'm back from vacation and have loads of catching up to do. See ya on the boards.