Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Tea anyone?

Here's another gifted cup and saucer...
I really like the black and blue butterflies on this set.


TraceyTreasure said...

Me too!! Love, love, love it!!

P.S. I have my Sappo's catalog in my treasure chest. My dream board wasn't big enough!!


Pam Aries said...

Hi Kitty Cat! How are ya...still smelling corpse flowers...mwaahahaha! I just saw that post,,that is freaky. I have heard about them. Hey, An ATC is an Artist Trading Card! THey are fun and easy t ocreate. Go to and it will tell you all about ATCs and how to make them!

Annie said...

You have received some very nice cup and saucer gifts lately. You have excellent friends! LOL

GardenJoy4Me said...

That is so pretty Cat ! I appreciate pretty tea cups and saucers.
Emma is home and doing very well .. time will make her feel better .. do you have fibromyalgia too ????
If you would tell me of your experience that would be great !

GardenJoy4Me said...

Please don't feel pressured to talk about your fibro .. I just like to hear of other people's experiences

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Cat .. you have comment moderation like I do so I know you don't have to publish comments before they are read .. helps with the spam eh ? I wouldn't be Canadian if I didn't say 'EH!" haha
7 years ago is about the time I was diagnosed too .. it started with Hashimoto's Thyroid'itis" type deal .. pressure in my throat driving me mad .. internal goiter(so it doesn't look apparent thankfully) but weight gain and feeling drained .. immune system badly battered, but I take a load of supplements to help).. this lead to the fibro being diagnosed .. heart murmur .. tinnitus .. all sorts of little goodies in the 'prize package"
What brought it on .. a mix of things .. back door opened with (sorry for the pun) back surgery .. blew a lower disc in my back .. disc fusion with screws and bone graft). Then tremendous stress .. a posting to Holland which was a wonderful experience but great stress with teenage son and husband who is a Gulf War vet. He had PTSD which began to crack while there .. he had been in communications and was with the combat engineers that went there to clean up land mines, and munitions .. they were there the minute war was halted .. saw such death and devastation .. John witnessed some horrific events .. in shot it just about finished him, but PTSD doesn't surface for a while .. so we stayed in Holland for 4 years .. then came home to here .. then all hell broke loose .. between my son and my husband I was bombarded with stress, tension, grief .. you name it.
I'm so sorry about your husband's death .. and the accidents are a huge indicator in fibro .. and I have learned it is NEVER just fibro .. there are so many tag along conditions .. flood gates seem to open.
So .. for now .. husband took early medical retirement from army .. son still home at 28 but working and doing his best that he can .. I'm fairly stable but still have some wicked, days, weeks etc .. you know how it goes ..
I think I over did my story a bit ? Too much information syndrome with me .. haha.
But it is nice to talk to some one else that has this and knows what it is like. My husband and I are each other's support system really. But talking to another woman who has this is nice : )

Sacred Suzie said...

I keep wondering when you're going to run out of tea cups to share with us, your collection is astounding! And LARGE!

I bought some organic caffeine free blueberry tea yesterday, you have inspired me to drink it out of one of my real tea cups. They're nothing special like yours but they're better than my old crappy mugs.

dont eat the token said...

Oooh, can you imagine having a B&W set, with only scrolls and butterflies ?? I would love that :)

Naturegirl said...

Love the butterfly! It stands out..first thing I noticed!