Thursday, 31 July 2008

It's been a crazy week!

This week I had a visit from the wonderful Ms. Lupa. We spent time knitting, chatting, eating and tubbing, how better could to dear friend spend their time together? Well we also went to the Getty which was a blast, albeit that I had cramps.
I also had a bit of a fibro flare which was a bit dull. 
Of course in the midst of my confusion there was an earthquake. Have you ever gotten out of your car and felt a bit wobbly? I do from time to time and as it so happened the day of the earthquake I wasn't feeling so hot. So when I got out and was having a hard time fitting the key in the lock I thought at first that it might just be me, then I noticed that the car was bouncing a bit. I wondered had I hit the concrete that's there to stop the car and not noticed the impact until then? About that time the idea began to dawn on me that it wasn't all about me. I walked into Wahoo's and found Ms. Lupa and Puppy sitting beneath the swinging chandeliers and got the picture right away (kinda). Anyway that's all old news and hardly as dramatic as some tales, but worth telling none the less.
In other news, I took a stamping workshop, but the pics are giving me a hard time (see above), I'm still working on my knitting, but we don't have long to go and our cat sitter for our Utah trip in a week and a half just fell through, save me now!


Sacred Suzie said...

I'm so glad that it wasn't a super huge earthquake like they're always reminding us is going to happen! I have been through a couple of quakes when I was in BC and it is super unnerving. I thought the first one was a tornado! That's because I'm from Ontario, LOL.

Way to go doing the stamping workshop, very cool stuff.

Thank you for letting me know there is hope that I may one day bond with NS. I will try to follow your example and just do my own thing.

Gemma said...

Hi Cat >^..^<
Happy Lammas to you!

Sandra Evertson said...

Just took a look at the photo below of the corpse flower, so interesting! Looks like an alien!

Jacki said...

You made that card with stamps? Wow!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Cat .. Hope you are feeling a bit better with the flare .. mine keeps dragging on but I know it is because I'm still so busy yet.
Wow ! .. earthquake .. and yes, I can understand you thought it was 'you" at first .. I lose my balance a lot .. but that is scary.
I was reading 'scared suzie" and thinking yes .. Ontario and the severe weather further south of me .. tornados have been a worry there.
Corpse flower .. WOW ! first time I have seen that one .. although I have heard of them .. a bit smelly in the house ? LOL
Take care ! Joy : )