Tuesday, 25 March 2008


Did you ever have a day where your phone greeted you with a "no network coverage" message in your own home? Well that was my joy and pleasure today, went to work and still got the same message. Finally made it home and Puppy saved me from having to talk to the phone company (never pretty). Sadly, my aging Nokia candybar phone has officially died (perhaps that's why it's been turning itself off lately and behaving strangely), even more sadly, it's taken all my contact numbers with it so perhaps next week you could all give me a call and I can capture all of your numbers then, otherwise I may have to go to Sprint and beg them to save me as my carrier (Hippy Mobile) don't have any storefronts or hands on customer service. Let this be a warning to those of you with wonky phones, please replace them before they replace you!
Now for the good news, I would like you to met my new phone to be...
Isn't she hot!
The majority of the her companions seem to love her. I myself am looking forward to a long and passionate relationship with her. She was a little pricier than her competition, but I felt she was worth it. I just can't wait till she gets here!
In other news, thanks to Anna for her natural termite solutions, and also to "Crunchy" for her invitation to a candlelit dinner, I'm so up for a group date I can't wait. 
Puppy is currently putting up shelves in the wall on the other side of my computer, hopefully he'll stop soon as we're having company in a bit. 


Jacki said...

I would give you a call if I had your number. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Liesl! My phone uses a SiM card. All my phonebook and service info are on there. I can take it out and pop into another phone and all info the becomes available on it. Plug and play! xox0-Lisalupa

Cat said...

Jacki, no excuses now!

Lisa, your phone sounds like it was designed during the 21st century, something I doubt about my own.