Sunday, 23 March 2008

Gone fishing!

This weekend along with our weeding, Puppy and I did some pond maintenance, yes folks Cat went fishing!
However it now looks like instead of a leaky pond, Puppy had misplaced the waterfall hoes in such a way as to create greater water flow in the top of the waterfall, but all that happened was that the water seeped down inside the walled area beside me in the pic. So we may have drained the remaining pond for nothing. Puppy is currently wondering if he has been a "buffoon".
In other news we painted both the bedroom and the office this weekend, pictures to follow. We did some basic spa maintenance and Puppy prepared the bookcases I built to be painted.
I ate lunch with the delightful Deb W. and we had dinner with Gothgirl13 of LJ fame on Saturday (thanks for the yummy candies). Tomorrow I am planning tea with Doll Parts of Tribe fame (Love Junkies are us). Cucumber sandwiches and Darjeeling during a termite inspection, how...delightful?

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