Sunday, 13 January 2008

Sunday Sunday!

What a day!
Puppy got up early and went to tai chi leaving me languishing between the sheets. I had made it in and out of the bath by the time he came home. I was thinking of cleaning the kitchen when he suggested lunch, so off we went for tacos, and a veggie bowl for me.
Next, we looked at a house, but it was near a busier road and seemed to be having a feeding frenzy (3 realtors showed up while we were there). We will see. I'm hoping if we take our time the price will drop on a house that we saw last week, it needed a lot of work but it was in a sweet neighborhood.
I picked up a bunch of music on Amazon this weekend, including Ladino Love Songs: The Bride Unfastens Her Braids, The Groom Faints which I spent 6 months waiting for on back order last year and finally gave up on, we'll see what happens this time.
In other news, I got a message from a local private school about substitute teaching for them I called them back, and now it's time for phone tag, cool!

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