Thursday, 17 January 2008

It is accomplished!

It having been 2 weeks since I sliced my paw I decided it was time to get back to work.
Yup folks I cleaned house!
I washed, scrubbed rinsed and dusted only at the end of which did I remember the truly scary job... 
Cleaning the microwave!
During this trial of wills I came to the conclusion that id the microwave was doing whatever it does to food such that it fossilizes itself onto it's walls perhaps I don't want to be eating it's offerings. Thus I have decided to avoid microwaving my food. this will make my life less than straight forward as I currently eat oatmeal at work rather than sugary snacks but maybe I will just add hot water and soak rather than wave.
In other news I found that my toaster seems to be melting it may be time to get a new toaster, perhaps a red one to go with my new kettle, yes, I think it will be red and maybe I will pick up a red kitchenaid to complete the set.

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