Monday, 21 January 2008

Here we go again.

OK so the house was fascinating!
It is in Garden Grove and only has two bedrooms (the third has been converted into a den), but, it is owned by a guy called Werewolf (yes folks it will be a full moon before dawn), it has a deck, an amazing garden full of succulents, a lingham/yoni fountain, a circle where a pool used to be, a fireplace, a spa and a killer bathroom.
we put an offer in on it, and again we will see.
I'm not getting my hopes up and am trying to think of enough reasons why I would be cool with it not working out, the proximity to the freeway and the provinciality of the neighborhood to name but 2 downsides. It's hard to think of Costa Mesa as a bustling metropolis, however, when there's no Trader Joe's and the closes thing to a health food store is the vitamin store I'm a little leary.

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