Sunday, 28 April 2013

Lot's happening, some of it is even productive!

I missed last weeks posts as I was visiting the Emerald City, literally. I was traveling to Heru Behutet for the OTO. They were celebrating their 20th anniversary. Kansas was a blast, hanging out with siblings is always good. We feasted verily at the local body and ate at some local places. Being a vegetarian I skipped the group BBQ and headed over with some like minded folks to Korma Surta which was an instant hit. Then home the next day just in time for a week of work! I even fell asleep in yoga on Wednesday! 

I researched articles for our MFP newsletter and came up with some food safety words of "wisdom"...

Cross Contamination: Please remember to wash your hands, surfaces and utensils in between preparing meets and salads. Also, when taking foods off the grill, do not put cooked food items back on the same plate that held raw food, unless it has been washed with hot water and soap first.

Stay Cool: Always carefully marinate food in the refrigerator. Please do not “recycle” sauce that was used to marinate raw meat or poultry on cooked food. Reserve part of the unused marinade to use as a sauce. Finally, keep your coolers out of the direct sunlight

Saturday found me wrapped up in a beading workshop by Judith Walker. Here I am at the beginning of it... 

As you can see I am using a "paperclip loom" which saves a munch of work with loose ends. And here's the finished weave.

Now all I need to do is add the hardware and I will have a bracelet. 

Then Last night I paid a visit to Golden Lotus where we attended an installation for the the incoming master. While there we recived the great news that the body had not only found an external space, but, that it will be moving within a mile and a half of our doorstep! I am delighted to say the least!


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Cat girl !
You are once again so busy !!
Love the bracelet .. very pretty : )
Could you tell me about this "body" and external space ? what on earth is that about ? .. sorry, I am such a curious person .. or is that nosy ? LOL

Naturegirl said...

I am a true stickler on prevention of cross contamination. I am actually anal when it comes to these habits. When in a restaurant after I handle the menu(filled with germs!!) I use hand sanitizer..have you ever seen staff wash them after each guest handles it? NOT!!I have the cleanest habits in the DH crazy at times.

Cat said...

NatureGirl, you cannot be to careful!

Cat said...

Joy here you go...

Not nosy at all!