Sunday, 14 April 2013

Busy, but not so productive...

This week has flown, but I feel like I have little or nothing to show for it, save for perhaps some space. Speaking of space we did manage to donate some plants to next weeks Green Scene...

We sent a rasin tree, pomegranates, dragon fruit pineapples, grapes, figs and an ice-cream bean to the sale. It's a fund raiser for our club and we spend the year growing stuff for the show and making sure it's big enough to send off.

We had a visitor to the garden...

He's an alligator lizard and very cute.

I did make a batch of the "spice of life".

This is a home made blend that I add to my morning shake.

Looks like we will be eating artichoke for dinner one night this week.

We seem to be getting green gages this year.

and peaches.
Speaking of which or Red Barron bloomed this tear and I meant to post, so better late than never...

Finally regarding this weeks notices from IHQ...

The Equinox, Vol. I, No. 7. Between pages 368 and 369.
Many thanks to David and Sulinna.
Enough said?


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Cat girl !
It amazes me how much you are doing and that is wonderful !
I just did a few hours in my garden .. cleaning up .. getting ready to transplant a few babies and getting ready on the whole for new garden babies to arrive .. it was incredibly warm today .. almost scary in fact, and I worked myself almost to the ground literally. But I am so happy the garden is coming to life again .. my bamboo will be fine, I do mulch with loads of leaves for the winter .. I am sure the roots are alive .. I just have to grin and bear it when I hard prune the dead leaves/stalks off.
Hey what is in your morning shake girl ? .. I bought a vegan one but haven't started it yet .. I believe in chia seeds and all the good things you can squeeze in a morning smoothie but always interested in some one else's recipe !!
Joy : )

Cat said...

Glad to hear the bamboo will survive, perhaps next weeks post will my shake in it.
Don't forget to rest!

Yoga Gal said...

I just love your garden! I alos love lizards in my garden! Never had a allgator lizard though.

Cat said...

Yoga Gal, not sure quite why we do, but it might be the riverbed near by. They are a real treat.