Sunday, 30 December 2012

OK so lets see if I can keep this going this year...

Well it is coming up on my 6th anniversary over here and while I have fallen off over the years I am trying to bounce back this year.

So this year my intention is to blog at least once a week and be healthy.
Healthy for me seems to be eating well, being creative and working, all in moderation.
To that end I have been getting my creative juices flowing and here are some pics...

A sock a month is my goal.

Put together some persimmon "fortified"wine, looking forward to some of my fermentation projects coming to an end.

Did I mention that I graduated from my Master Food Preservers certification?

Therefore, I also stepped up to be an assistant editor of my local Master Food Preserver newsletter, so I have been researching and working on that.

And for no other reason than they were my morning inspiration today, have a pic of one of our local feral parrots.

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CanadianGardenJoy said...

Cat girl how are you ?!!
Happy New Year girl : )
The new year actually starts February 4th from what I have read .. and it is specifically the "Black Water Snake" a mix of good and not great but calmer ?
In any case it sounds like you are doing very well .. congrats on being certified !! I know that must make you feel happy : )
Take care!