Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Although I check my bloggy buddies regularly, I have been so bust doing stuff that, I haven't had time to blog!
School is going swimmingly, this week we read Marx which I felt very at home reading, albeit that it was not an easy read. This week we read Thompson, a Western Marxist Historian.
I have been working a bunch. Last week I spent a day doing paperwork, sent off my DMV stuff, canceled my Junior College class (this involved producing my greencard on site), got some notary work done completed my death certificate application for my late husband (they asked me if I were the regestree?) Wonder how many dead folks apply for their own certs. Soon I will have all the paperwork ready to send off to the California Controllers office to get the money that I am owed. In the midst of this rather busy day I did bump into California State University Long Beach Pagan Alliance, who seem really cool, they are meeting tonight, but it is raining and my fibro is saying stay home, but we will see.

In other news I got my beans and peas into the ground...

Here are some of them in the ground. We really reworked this whole space. Originally, when we moved in it was a Butterfly and Hummingbird garden with a misplaced rose. Sadly it was messy and disorganized to the point of me, having no real photos of it. We worked on it a little last year, and a little more this spring, remember all that weeding I was doing? I owe a big thanks to Puppy for digging out the aloe vera, it will be so much easier to keep up with now. Well now it looks like this...

The rose is still there as are the columbine, Indian paintbrush and milkweed, but now there is also room for our peas, squash, melons, and who knows what else!
The jaboticaba is in place, but not planted yet (can't wait till that fruits).
On the other side we added a couple of stone fruits that we have been grafting onto there is a peach and a plum, and the peach is in bloom...

As are our blueberries...

It's going to be a good harvest!
Finally I have been getting into making up my own pan-Asian soups, which basically involves trowing together whatever is in the fridge and seeing what's up.
The other day it was miso, tofu, kale, mushrooms, some noodles, and a Vietnamese herb that I use in soup, but have no clue what you call it. It turned out well even if I day so myself...

It was so good I think I feel inspired to go see what's in the fridge right now!


GB said...

Daily blogging isn't compulsory! It's ok for those of us who are retired but some people have to work too! Soup looks good but I smiled at the idea of a recipe with an un-named Vietnamese herb.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Cat girl ! I don't know how you do all of the things you do and accomplish !! (I know I use ! a lot but there is emotion behind it girl ! LOL) .. Your poor fibro .. I so understand that, with my own and other assorted goodies. BIG sigh !
You are getting so much done though .. it must be that super healthy life style of yours .. and that soup : ) I wish I wasn't allergic to soy .. tofu would be a great meat substitute and kinder to the earth.
Hey .. your arbor is earth kind girl .. mine is metal and not as kind but I have to go this way .. I'm glad I have a friend that does things right .. I can say that at least ? LOL
Remember to rest and take care of yourself .. and I did giggle over the application of a deceased doing it themselves ?LOL

Cat said...

Graham, I will write it down next time I'm in the store, it's a basil, that is green on one side and purple on the other, and the leaf is thick like mint and twice the size of normal basil.

Joy, Fear not, without a super crafty and ultra dedicated husband we wouldn't be going for the organic look, also the metal one has rotted out into the soil (it's iron so we figure that it's good for the soil), but still we let it rot out first.