Sunday, 29 January 2012

And in the yard...

Things look pretty sweet!

The veggies are going wild!

The seedlings are ready to go in the ground if only the the winds would cooperate.
And the weeding continues on. 
I found smokey bacon flavored tempeh at the store today so I wrapped some up in tortilla with some pb and had taquitos for lunch.


GB said...

I had to comment Cat because firstly I'd never heard of tempeh and secondly I'd never heard of anyone combining a food with lead (Pb being the chemical symbol for lead and not any foodstuff that I've ever heard of). I now know what tempeh is (and if I remember when I get back to the UK I shall see if I can find some because I dislike the texture of tofu). I still have no idea what pb is though.

Cat said...

Hey there Graham,
Pb is peanut butter, tempeh also works well with hummus.

GB said...

Thanks, Cat. Now I feel silly. I eat lots of peanut butter but I've never shortened it to pb. I make my own hummus quite often too. I've discovered that I can buy tempeh in the UK.

Naturegirl said...

Cat you must reside in a sunny warm climate for these veggies to be ready for planting!
I love cooked cauliflower mashed as one would mash potatoes skipping the creamy butter!
Is pb..peanut butter?
oops just read your comment!

Cat said...

Yes indeed Naturegirl, nothing like it!