Sunday, 17 October 2010

Has it really been a month since my last post?

Sorry about that folks, how time flies!
Back in the yard...

The pineapple is getting greener.

A fig is taking center place while there are a few less tomatoes.

Our bananas...

Have gone bananas!
We were told these were dwarves.

Our pomegranate is ripening.
Our dragon fruit...

Are getting their wall.
Our cactus have set fruit...

Let's hope it ripens.

As for our gingers, well,

They are a delight!
However, on a sad note, we had another visit from the raccoons.

So now our pond is all covered over.
But I have a few friends left.

But we won't be able to look at another lily this year as they were all shredded.
I have a shot from a few weeks back...

In other news we went to Mothers Market's 32 Birthday Party with our friend Constance, and...

I won a folding bike!
I knitted my first pair of socks for the husband...

And I think I'm kinda caught up with y'all.


lisalupa said...

The garden looks great! I especially love the ginger flowers- beautiful! Great work you guys :)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Oh my goodness not those horrid raccoons cat ?!!! I just didn't think they would be there bothering you guys ! .. your garden of amazing plants is simply that .. AMAZING !!
The ginger is such a pretty flower and the banana ! WOW ! now they want center stage for sure .. and setting fruit on the cacti .. perfect !
We saw some really pretty bowls of succulents and cacti at Costco but I would have to have them high up out of the girls way and then we wouldn't see them .. so no point .. but I can come over here and enjoy yours ? LOL
Joy : )

Jacki said...

I agree, your garden looks simply amazing! You should be profiled in Better Homes and Gardens.

I am sorry about your fishies, though. So sad!

Sarah Ketelaars said...

A pomegranate and gingers - how exotic. Looks like a lovely space you have. and i love those red socks!