Monday, 6 September 2010

Festival of Fruit Post 3


This was the topic of our study at the first Saturday morning presentation.
We were in the hands of a well experienced Bee Wrangler by the name of Doug Fieri who has some hives at Cal Poly Pomona.

We talked about hives...

He assured us the when painting hives the color of choice was "Free" but  I thought this was an interesting example.

We talked about bees.

We talked about and ate honey...

We talked about Africanized Bees...

We talked about the problems facing bees.
Sad times are these.
Did I mention that we talked about dancing bees?



Jacki said...

I don't mind bees...we have made peace with each other in the garden....but I can't stand wasps and hornets.

Cat said...

I love bees, but wasps and hornets are nasty I agree.