Friday, 30 July 2010

Friday photos

Wow, has it really been a week?
We've been working on the kitchen very hard. 
Lot's of painting on Pups part this week and I have been researching lighting, sinks and counter tops.
This weeks photos look similar to last weeks...

I do need to get the soil ready for some salad veggies. 
Planning on planting late September.

Looks like we lost all of our peaches and the birds got out grapes.
That being said, we still have onions...

I'm looking forward to some more fruit later in the summer.
But for now, enjoy.


M. Brigit said...

Dear Cat and Pup, your garden and trees look happier now you are back...Hope all is going well....We are busy throwing things away....but I keep changing my mind and taking them much for charity!

Joan said...

That looks like a garden on steroids! Seriously who knew that vegetable plants grew that about an exchange; my Colorado clay for your plant supersizing soil?

Cat said...

Bee: Just relax, it will be OK.

Joan: This was where the last owners had an overground swimming pool so we have really gone to town on the soil. We bought a tiller and have supplemented the soil with every variety of organic matter you could care to name. I am really looking forward to this years Brussels Sprouts and Cabbage.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Cat girl ! I know about the birds getting to the grapes first problems .. and Serviceberries too ! The "Robinator" gets those ones first but a whole slue of birds get to our grapes .. and of course no one of that crew wants the onions ? haha
Hey .. painting truly MAKES a room beautiful .. I hope to be better by the time hubby goes to Cuba and I will do one wall of my bedroom in a soft yellow : ) crossed fingers !! LOL
I was going to say the same thing as Joan .. a garden on steroids ! hahaha