Friday, 16 July 2010

...and now I'm off again!

Yup just as I load the last of my laundry it's time to head to LA for a weekend of fun and games in the midst of a heat wave!
Let's hope the AC is working.
I still need to make a few calls before tomorrows meeting and I am just about able to do that now that the jet lag has receded. 
Got my toes and nails done but will take my face masque and moisturizers with me for a quiet night in on Saturday eve.
Hopefully all will be well and no-one will loose an eye.


gaelikaa said...

So glad you are back, dear friend. Even if you're off again. Don't freak out too much on the water of life. I used to use it in my milk when I was feeding my babies. I used to get a great sleep and so did the babies.......

Cat said...

I heard that it was normal to do that back home but now with everything being PC it's frowned on. Frankly, it sounds like a good plan to me! Sadly I'm sick right now so no water of life for me, just lemsips.