Sunday, 21 September 2008


Sent this e-mail to Puppy about a month ago, just got a reply...
(note (n)=need to do, (l)=like to do I'm in purple, he's in green)
Cat wrote:
Hey there,
Can you send me a time table for at least the needs so that I can put
time aside to help? Also let me know if I've missed something.
Love you, L***
Spa wiring (n) (w/pops)
guttering (n) (closer to rain)
pruning (n) (soon & then chip)
Pond: Upper; clear, trim, re-pot, level, clean. Lower; trim, re-pot, clean
water main (n) (I'll call)
dishwasher (n) (I'll call)
bathroom sink (n) (I'll call)
Back door (computer room)
Remove extra door, bathroom-bedroom, fill in
Mortaring chimney and loose back wall blocks
River rock replacement of lava rock
water heater (n/l) (this year)
weeds (n/l) (wetter season)
caulking (l) (on going)
painting (l) flooring (l)
garden brick work (l) (cooler)
circle redevelopment (l)
Roto-til the circle/ mix in compost et al.
Plants trees: circle & front yard
move fan (l) (when cold out)
hang elephant (l) (when cold out)
fix and hang lamen (l)(when cold out)
hard wood floor (l)
cabinets (l)
lattice trellis (l) (soon)
water system for garden (l) (winter/spring)
How should I reply?
All things considered I'm trying to put my weekends calendar together for the rest of the year and some dates would be nice. I know that the house is a priority, but I would like to plan some ladies time too.
In other news, today we took out the bike, it was so hot I couldn't wear my leathers on the way home so I just rode back in my jeans and shirt. I stopped by the store to get some nice veggies for tomorrow night's harvest feast, I may begin cooking tonight as I have class tomorrow.
We just finished blowtorching some weeds in the yard and we picked the Dragon Fruit (for tomorrow also), I'd post some photos, but...
Have been experimenting with Wordpress and although I don't have Cat's World anymore I do have something ;-)
I will reveal more shortly.
I thought about Typepad, but the idea of paying for this service just doesn't seem right.
We're already paying for cable tv with our internet and we don't own a tv never mind watch cable. Why should I pay to journal? I just don't get it.


Jacki said...

I am not sure how to ask him for more solid dates, but I am going to adopt his scheduling. Next time someone asks me when I am going to get something done I will say "when it gets cold." :-)

Bee said...

it almost feels like it,s been done now that it,s down in purple and can relax