Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Cat's World has moved...


Check out my profile right here I have a selection of new blogs!


Bee said...

Dear Cat, hope you,re happy in your new home......blog home..love Bee

Lord Davydd said...

My tea set is really important to me, too. Grandma Foley gave it
to me for Christmas, and it's made of REAL china, so you have to
be extra careful when you play with it. It sits on the headboard
of my bed, all neat and ready to go if any of my dollies look like
they want to have a tea party. There are eight cups and saucers,
eight plates for holding cookies (or crumpets, mom says, but I
don't like those so much), a tea pot with a lid, a sugar bowl and
a cream bowl, eight napkin rings with napkins in them, and two
candle holders (although mom won't let me have the candles in my
room, sometimes she will bring them in and sit and play tea party
with me so I can watch the pretty blue candles while we drink).

ooglebloops said...

FYI- teabag swap part 2 is up on my blog - you expressed an interest in "playing",after it closed. :>)