Monday, 1 September 2008

Been busy

Well I have been kinda stuck lately trying to figure out whether to move the blog or not, ultimately decided to leave it here until at least the end of the year.
I've been studying how to make socks, block sweaters and create "place markers", we will see if I can post some pics later. Maybe I will try a different server to upload.
Had a great vacation, went to Zion, Bryce Canyon, The Great Basin, and Yosemite National Parks, also made it by Leman's Caves, Mono Lake, and, of course, Fish Lake while visiting Puppy's uncles, aunts, cousins and of course his beloved parents (my "outlaws").
Came back and enquired about getting my math credential, inadvertently ended up on a program paid for by the county (study materials and all) to get another credential. One day I will have a contract, but not right now.
The garden continues to amuse us, we just picked up a couple of red mandevilla to climb the trunks of our now deceased palm trees (I did mention the slaughter of the palms by the electric company didn't I?) We also picked up some gold fish for the pond Puppy wanted six I wanted 12 but was willing to settle for seven (in honor of some dwarfs I knew in a past like), but when we got there the lady had about 30 bagged up for us so we didn't argue. She said some of the fish may be koi as they breed at the same time in the pond. Also we have been harvesting some of our Peruvian Apple Cactus, while waiting for our dragon fruit to ripen.


Jacki said...

Your garden sounds so delicous!

What happened to the palm trees??

Yoga Gal said...

Pretty photo!

three generations said...

You have the most interesting stuff in your yard!

Bee said...

8 gold 1 black fish....good feng shui. Bee

dont eat the token said...

I am so lost as to what goes on with your garden - sometimes you find mysteries growing on their own? And this photo is truly interesting, fascinating - I've never seen anything else like it! No matter what's going on there, it sounds magical!