Friday, 8 August 2008

I will leave you with...

a picture of a saucer, as the one on the cup won't load and right about now I'm seriously considering alternatives to blogger.
Sadly comments won't post till I'm home, but I get to look forward to reading them when I come home.


Traceytreasure said...

This one is so dainty! SP? I love how the pattern makes a star! Hope to see you soon! Be well and safe!! Big hugs and love, T

Anonymous said...

Looking for alternatives to Blogger? You know there's, say, LiveJournal...

Janet said...

A lovely saucer it is.

Several people have been complaining about blogger recently and some have jumped ship for typepad....I'm seriously considering that move, too.

solsticedreamer said...

hope you have a great time :)

dont eat the token said...

Sorry you're having troubles with blogger!

I upload all my photos to

They can be pains-in-asses but usually the service works fine.

They also have a resizing option before you upload, if you need to make pics smaller for the site.

Then, just in case you're loading photos differently than I do:

Copy the "direct link" from imageshack. Paste it in this code, into your "edit html" format when posting your blog. Use the code below, but use < and > where I wrote them in, in parenthesis(comments won't let me post the code as real code)

(left bracket)img src="direct link"(right bracket)(left bracket)/img(right bracket)

It always works for me in blogger. Best of luck!

Traceytreasure said...

Yay!! You're home!! I have lots of friends who have gone to wordpress and are happier there.
I am an old school girl. I like blogger even though sometimes I can't post picture or comments.


Sacred Suzie said...

Nice to see you again Cat! I put a link to your blog in a post I did with a Halloween teacup. I was thinking of you yesterday when I bought a tea leaf ball that sits in a miniature teacup, LOL. :)