Sunday, 8 June 2008

What a weekend!

On Friday we looked about for chippers and planted a brugmansia tree we picked up from craigs list and I put dinner together. Saturday I went to a composting workshop had lunch with a friend and went to an art show (missed my friend Alicia), later we picked up a freebee cabinet from craigs list and I heated up left-overs. Today we bought a chipper (we called it Fargo). This afternoon I'm looking at a rocking chair (yes it was on my dreamboard). 
There will be pictures to follow. 


Cyn said...

Wow, you guys have been busy! Planting is a lot of work. :-) Cyn

Bee said...

I hope you,ve got your rocking chair, what bliss rocking to sleep. love B

Cat said...

Ah ha!

A convert!
I seem to have added another blog to the sphere!
I got a chair, but Pup found a better one so I'm going to off load this one and get the new one.