Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Tea on Tuesday

Today I am hosting a Tea Ladies soiree. 
While I am waiting for my ladies to arrive I decided to post this update on my collection.
I recently picked up these three charming pieces.
The first one is a Shelley "Dainty Blue", which is a very delicate cup with a ridged sauces (sorry you cant see the ridges).
The second set I believe to be an Arabic coffee cup and saucer, but I'm not sure, there is no name on this piece.
This set was made in Japan.
I don't have much pink in the collection, however, this appealed to me, I must be going through a pink phase.
The design in gold on the saucer reminds me of Afro-Caribbean stuff I've come across.
Anyway there they are, in all their glory.


Jacki said...

I really love looking at all your teacups. They are so beautiful! You should create a coffeetable book or each picture and a story behind each design.

Sacred Suzie said...

Wow, I am thoroughly impressed by the variety in your collection! Fantastic photos too. Oh and your dreamboard is up BTW!

Gillian said...

I totally love the purple edged set...BEAUTIFUL!
I only drink tea out of china cups and saucers. It tastes better!

Annie said...

I love the blue one especially, Cat. What a nice collection you have going. I MUST go shopping. LOL

the mama bird diaries said...

so pretty. really sweet and lovely.

TraceyTreasure said...

Wow! Those are gorgeous!! I want to see the whole marble table one of these days. I just love that too!!

Annie said...

Cat, just saw your comment and the invite to link up at Ravelry. I just sent a request to sign up but Ravelry may take about three days before they send me an OK to sign up. I don't have your email so can't write to you privately. My email is on my blog if you would like to connect thru there and I'll be able to put you in my address book.

I look forward to getting active in Ravelry. I crochet more than I knit. I find that I like working with a single hook rather than two needles. I have a friend who is just the opposite.

Look forward to hearing back.

Bee said...

I am amazed how perfect these look because they also look quite antique: I am keeping some for you but they have had a few bumps.....love Bee

Beth said...

You have some amazing teacups. Wish I could have a cup of tea with you! How cool! Hope you had a great time!

dont eat the token said...

I love the pink one in the last of the photos. ;)

Millie said...

I am enjoying your teacup collection. Love the Shelley dainty blue. I have that one too!