Monday, 2 June 2008

I've been trying to post, but...

We all know what fun it is to post pics on blogger some times (hence all the embedding).
Sufficed to say this weekend was a blast,We had a visit from the very wonderful Carrie of Feast fame on Saturday followed by a BBQ with a dozen of our closest chums. Sunday was spectacular, we visited the Edible garden as grown by Karen and Thom. There were mangoes and macadamias, kiwi and kumquats, loquats and logan berries, it was incredible! 
Got alotta ideas there!
Then on to HB to see one of the Arlington West displays.
Then we headed home and I worked on my dreamboard.
Today work was great I planned my lessons for the week ahead and made it to going home time.
In the last week an old sweetie and I have been e-mailing back and forth (it would have been out 25th anniversary last week), I mentioned my liking of The Drive-By Truckers and Howlin' Rain where upon he came back with My Morning Jacket,  Band of Horses, and Comets on Fire Whereupon I rushed over to mp3fiesta to download a happy handful of tunes, on my way I stopped by Amoeba to see who was playing in store and discovered Dengue Fever.
A fairly productive day al told!
Sorry no tea cups today no pics at all :-(


Jacki said...

Sounds like you had a busy and productive weekend!!

Sacred Suzie said...

Lots of energy bustling around your life right now, enjoy it and don't worry about blogging! :)

TraceyTreasure said...

Busy, busy, it's that time of year. You don't do all that every weekend, do you? Whew, I hope not. Thanks for visiting me! It's always great hearing from you. Hugs!

Bee said...

25 years ago ......who was that?....Did I meet him?was he an English teacher? Questions, questions questions......sounds like B

Cat said...

Oh yeah, you know him.