Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Case 1, Shelf 5, Row 1

The Spirit Level
The Kaballah
Selected Poems of Anne Sexton
Rupert Brooke and Wilfred Owen
The Bull of Minos
Dictionary of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses
Fearful Symmetry
The Story of Laylah and Majnun
Rumi Poet and Mystic
The Drunken Universe
Blake: Prophet against the Empire
Blake Dictionary
A Garden Beyond Paradise
Poems of Arab Andalusia
The Action Heroines Handbook
The Divine Feminine
Blake: Poetry and Prose
The Astrologers Node Book
The Occult Power of Numbers
The Secrets of Chinese Astrology
The Philosophies of India
The Emerald Tablet
Hypatia of Alexandria
Hermetic Magic
Ancient Christian Magic

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Bee said...

I love Seamus Heaney,s poems....love Bee