Tuesday, 29 April 2008


This weekend was full of them!
Ragani and Will of LJ and Tribe fame swung by and were exceedingly self sufficient as I was sure they would be.
Karen and Doug of my life fame came by to hang on Saturday and rather than rush them out of the door I hung out and missed the Women's Seder that I had been invited to. With Lena's passing we needed time together.
Then this little guy came by and hung out on our back door for an hour or so.
We still don't have a futon for our guests and the inflatable mattress did yet another stellar job, but we are looking for something soon as Puppy's parents will be arriving shortly.


Jacki said...

Did you let him in? He's kinda cute.

Traceytreasure said...

What is little guy? My guess is a squirl but I've never seen one like it. I'm sorry about the passing of your friend. I'll never understand why some leave us too soon. Hugs! Good luck with company. I do fine as long as they don't yell at me. Get a Select Comfort Sleep Number bed for you and let company sleep on your old bed! He he he! I love mine!

Cat said...

For those of you wondering he is an Opossum baby.

Traceytreasure said...

Thanks, Cat! Did you keep him/her?

Cat said...

Sadly no, with the cat we thought that it might cause more stress than not.