Sunday, 6 April 2008

As some of you know...

I've been having a bit of bother with my calf muscle. I ripped it about 6 weeks ago and with my fibromyalgia it hasn't been healing (yes I know I am still unpacking from the house move thank you!) Anyway last week I went to the doctor as my knee and ankle are none to happy working triage due to my muscle not playing well with others right now. Junior doctor suggested x-rays, however my doctor said lets do anti-inflammatories first, when we pointed out that I react to anything with ibuprofen in it the doctor simply found a secondary medication to give to me to ease the effects of the first one (I could go on about my stance on meds at this point, but why waste words). 
So I start taking them the first morning I restrain my muscle crossing the road (just like the first time) then the week goes on, my knee pain (and the rest of my joint pain decrease). I clean house and later my muscles are a bit stiff, and that's when I realize I use my joint pain as a gauge for when to stop before I do myself a muscle injury and without the pain I'm going to be in real danger of hurting myself badly, so I slow down. All is going well until, this morning while contemplating the universe, I go to get up and catch the kettle. The calf muscle goes again, badly, as it goes it spasms and although my weight is off or it I can feel it continuing to rip apart. First things first I jump into the hot tub and then crawl into bed for most of the rest of the day, I can tell that this is going to take a while to get over!

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Bee said...

I can,t bear the thought of you crawling round in i,m saying a little prayer for you, tue. 30th April 19:53 U.K. time love B