Thursday, 20 March 2008

Wrapping it up!

The end of this week is becoming long and busy, our friend Charlie got his etsy act together. We viewed some investment properties that were not too bad last night. This morning my car wouldn't start, I may need to practice my freeway driving, today also involved endless laundry and a scrub down of the kitchen and bathroom while Puppy tackled the more difficult weeding.  My beloved Ms. Lupa called and chatted with me as I cooked some pasta with goats cheese. I picked up a bunch of new music from Israel not to mention this cool download site. The artists included Sia, Drive-By Truckers, Biet Habubot and Howlin Rain. Finally this evening we worked on color for a couple of the rooms as Puppy has next week off to play at home. Tomorrow we have two birthdays to celebrate at work. Now, I'm off till Sunday, so be safe till next we meet and in the words of a wise man "May your God go with you"!


Jacki said...

Have you ever tried Danish music? The band Nephew is pretty cool, even though you may not understand all the lyrics.

Cat said...

I know bit's of Nephew, but I will check out more!
Igen Og Igen Og sounds cool, don't ask me what they are on about though!

Motherhood for Dummies said...

Okay all I could do is stare at that delicous dish on your post...ummm.looks yummy :)