Saturday, 29 March 2008

Nice times!

Today we had a really nice lunch with an old friend at one of the local Buddhist restaurants called The Zen Cafe. Then back to our our place to show off the new homestead. Everyone who comes over is enchanted by our garden and all of the possibilities therein and our friend Smiling Squirrel of Costa Mesa fame was no different. We talked and drank tea for a while until I had to dash off to group meeting which went really well. I knew some folks, others were new to me, but everyone seemed to be adults (which some groups find challenging), the conversations were stimulating and the potluck was great, I expected meat/desert heavy fare, but found 3 very different salads fresh fruit homemade corn bread (yummy) and my cheese plate. Looks like we can all feed ourselves, go team!
When I came home I was just in time to catch the last half of Earth Hour by candle light with Puppy who was back from buying solar lamps for the garden. Now he is organizing the books onto the shelves that I built and he painted and I am catching up with you folks! 
And now, I think it's time for a hot tub.


Jacki said...

Sounds like a very nice way to spend the day!!

I am so out of the loop...I forgot about Earth Hour.

Motherhood for Dummies said...

wow those pictures are pretty amazing. There is quite a difference