Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Housing updates!

Well, it's been about a month now, so, let's take it piece by piece.
On our first full weekend in the place it rained, and we discovered where the garage roof leaked. We contacted the warranty company who took 3 weeks to get back to us about sending someone over to look at it. When the person came over the said, "Oh, you need a new roof on that, looks like it might be caused by the deck". Today the warranty company got back to us saying that the deck wasn't permitted and the roof was leaking before the sale, however we have the permit so we will now move into written communication mode with them.
Then, while saving our book collection, which was stored in the garage "till we build the bookcases", Puppy discovered termite poop!  Once the books were saved, give or take, we looked around for more of the stuff and to our horror discovered more by the door and also up in the storage cupboards above the closets (i.e. from the roof). Now we had had a termite inspection before we moved in and they had given us the all clear having micro-waved a few termites here and there, however I am beginning to wonder how much time the selling agent (and mother in law of the owner) spent over here. there seems to have been a lot of little stuff that was held at bay and I'm wondering if she was cleaning up after the termites too.
In gardening news, we have filled the garden trash bin to popping each week and we still have a ton to do. Friday after work has become my weeding time, it allows me time to put work behind me and refocus in on my home without being jarring or harsh in the adjustment. The pond has a leak, another thing the "agent" must have been looking after. We put some fish friendly algae banishing goo into the pond as all the sunny weather we've been getting has pumped up the volume on the green slime which we have dutifully been fishing out ever since. Sadly, now, we have of course,   hit the stink mud. We cleaned up the hanging garden area this weekend and we also started our compost pile in anticipation of our peach tree. We are in no great hurry, but we do want to keep the garden as organic as we can. Finally we took a trip to the Fullerton Arboretum Tomato and Pepper Sale this weekend. While there we picked up 5 different types of tomatoes, a Rose of Sharon, a Butterfly Bush, and some Sugar Cane in a pot to replace the papyrus which I thought had died, however on closer inspection it appears alive, if only barely. 
Gosh, I've written bunches. Well I should be off, at some point there will be a house warming or two, but for now, just getting set up is where we are at and that is what I must go take care of for now. Adieu! 


Jacki said...

Whew! That is a lot to deal with a new house you just bought! Does seem like the agent "overlooked" a couple of things to make a sale.

Cat said...

Oh well, we learn now, hope all's well with you guys and that the job search isn't too crazy!