Monday, 11 February 2008

The Old Owners

Well, finally got to meet the Werewolves tonight, or the Verwolfs to be exact. Anyway, they were swell folks who love the Renaissance Fair and working on their home. I really felt that they were all around good people. 
In sad news the last two gold fish in the pond are no more, either a feral cat, raccoon or maybe a possum but whichever way it is, looks like the first new additions to our family will be goldfish. Not exactly what I had in mind, I was thinking Siamese, Maine-Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat but, hey a few new friends with gills will work for me!
In truth, having spent lunchtime watching me holding the sweetest new baby, I think Puppy would let me have a Great Dane if I kept up the broody wife thing.


Lisalupa said...

Why not get a cat too? I am amazed at how many purebred cats are available at my local shelter. A blue point Siamese for the $45 adoption fee! I'm just starting to look for my replacement cat and am psyched to see many of my local shelters have pictures and bios of their residents on their websites.
BTW- What is your move in date????

Jacki said...

Okay have me so curious! How in the world did you end up in Christiania???? Do tell....