Sunday, 3 February 2008

Busy day...

Yesterday was crazy, we got up in the morning and went over to the house to look at the roof in the light of day. It looks like the siding has bent the shingle up which is what is causing the pooling, it's nit a huge problem, and should it start leaking we'll just pull up a couple of rows of shingles and insulate it before putting new siding in the space. All that's left is the termite guy needs to pay us a visit and the owners will be in town next weekend and we may be moving the following weekend.
Next we picked up some more boxes before heading over to Chester Drawers and Omelette Parlor, where I ate their magnificent home fries, and whatever else was on the plate. Then home to pack some more.  Yes folks, that is Puppy pictured above and, the library is now in boxes!
We quit with enough time to grab showers and head off to a soiree. The company was was fantastic and the food was to die for, we accomplished our business for the evening and I for one felt thoroughly refreshed by the experience. I'm looking forward to having the ability to host such events in my home.

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