Sunday, 27 January 2008


Today has been a day and a half!
The morning began with breakfast with Ragani and Will of Tribe/LJ fame. We availed ourselves of IHOP's all you can eat specials as we got to know each other in the flesh. 
Next it was home in time to meet my starving Puppy from martial arts and head over to Wahoos to watch him eat lunch after which we dropped by Traders for some more snacks. 
Have I mentioned that I comfort eat when I'm stressed out? 
Well I do, and if the escrow needs to hurry up before I have to invest in a whole new wardrobe!
Then it was back home where I chatted on line with my family before beginning packing (yes you read that right). Boy, is it ever scary.
Now I'm preparing some vegetable and barley stew to warm us up before I do anymore packing. The financial guy will be over tomorrow and we are having the house inspected on Tuesday.


Ragani said...

Thanks so much for meeting us for breakfast. I am glad we got to hang out. It seemed a shame to go all that way and not visit with at least some local friends.

Yay, you got the house! So cool. I look forward to seeing photos. Especially before and after shots of where repaint.

Will and I drove around trying to find Trader Joe's, and ended up finding Henry's Natural Grocery store, which was probably a better thing in the long run.

We braved the rain and, after lunch at Mimi's with his mom and brother, returned to DL to shop for ear hats for some of my friends. We finally found the best Grumpy shirt to buy Will too. It is "Grumpy's Tiki Hut, Home of the Unhappy Hour" with some great Tiki graphics. We also got annual passes, so we will be returning sometime soon. At the moment we are thinking sometime in April (probably 19-20) where we visit Ren Faire on Saturday and DL on Sunday. Hope to see you then!

Cat said...

What a cool shirt!

You are of course welcome to stay with us in April, we are about 10 mins driving from the park and I'll happily drop you off. See you next time!

Anonymous said...

The packing or chatting to your family.......both? or just chatting to your family!